Personal Branding & Business Photography

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Images that capture your true essence. Confidently market yourself with ease without feeling insecure about being visible.

Business Photography for Women

Personal Branding Photography communicates your story through authentic, beautiful and high quality images. It is the easiest way to give your business and brand a relatable and personable image.


When is the perfect time for a Branding Shoot?

Whenever there is something new and exciting happening or changing and evolving!

For yourself!

You might have changed your hairstyle, gotten new glasses or no longer needing them. Fluctuated in weight and gotten older - it happens to all of us,... or simply evolved.

For your business!

Whether you are a newbie in need of images for your first website, or an established business ready to take it to the next level. Or you are looking for a complete reinvention, a chance to really establish a new direction in yourself and your business. It might be that you have a new launch or specific marketing campaign coming up.

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Or you might just need - and want! - beautiful and real images

for your website or social media profiles to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

What they're saying

What they're saying


Oh the images are simply stunning! Karin has such a talent for capturing the right moment, capturing the real me, it's incredible. Her skills are truly unique as she has the gift to really see you for who you are and make you feel comfortable and at ease. A photoshoot with Karin is a must have for any entrepreneur that wants to take their business to the next level.

What they're saying

What they're saying


The Personal Branding Photoshoot with Karin in my yoga studio was so relaxed, natural and easy-going, I felt very, very comfortable and it felt so empowering. I truly love every single image of all of my photoshoots with Karin and I can highly recommend experiencing Karin’s magic to every woman!

What's included in a Personal Brand photoshoot?

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Strategy & Design Session to get to know each other and discuss the hows, what, when and where

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    A detailed photoshoot plan including scenes, styling and props

    *Magic level upwards

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    My Photoshoot Magazine with tips and inspirations on how to prepare for your photoshoot experience

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Professional Hair & Makeup to make you shine

    *Magic level upwards

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Guidance and posing during the shoot so you look your natural best

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Fully edited images - enhanced but not overly retouched

And maybe some surprises

along the way 😉

What they're saying

What they're saying


I've always wanted photos of myself showing how I work, but I don't like being in front of the camera. But with Karin I felt incredibly comfortable and we quickly got the hang of it. The shoot was so great and the results are even better! I am more than happy with the photos. They are so authentic and give a wonderful insight into my everyday work. Many cannot imagine what I do all day. It's great that I now have such incredible photos with which I can give an insight into my work and people know what's going on behind the scenes. Karin is a great photographer and knows exactly how to photograph it all authentically.

What they're saying

What they're saying


I have long wanted to have Personal Branding photos that I feel comfortable with - that represent me as the person and entrepreneur that I am. And the experience, starting with the preparations Even preparing for the shoot was fun. It was a welcome opportunity to bring order to my workshop and to think about what kind of pictures I would like. The shoot itself was very pleasant. Karin accompanied me very well with her experience and her skills. Soon I almost forgot to take pictures - it felt like a nice visit from a friend .. The photos exceeded my expectations! I immediately felt that with pictures like this it would be so much easier for me to show myself. In principle, I have the greatest respect for all people who stand up and say: “Here I am. I'll do that. ”It takes a lot of courage! Having such wonderful photos of yourself makes this step easier! It gives you self-confidence and creates clarity, both internally and externally.

What you will experience:

My job is to make sure you have the best experience ever. My goal is that you feel relaxed, confident and well-guided from the moment you contact me to the moment when you receive your images. That way I can capture gorgeous and real images of you and your business.

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To start off with, you will fill out a simple online questionnaire so that we can uncover your needs and how to best tell your individual story. During your Strategy & Design Session we will chat about all the important parts and details and design your sessions together. From that session I am going to put together a detailed photoshoot plan including specific themes/stories, clothes & props, locations and a final image shoot list. That way you know exactly what to bring and what is gonna happen during your session.

You will also receive my Photoshoot Magazine that will help you to be best prepared for your photoshoot. And if you still have any questions or concerns, just know that you can contact me any time.

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Portrait Hair Stylist

Now, how does all that planning and designing work:

I love photography, designing and marketing - 3 integral parts of a great Personal Brand. And a great support cause as soon as I get to know you and your business you can bet I’ll come up with lots of creative ideas on how to tell your story.

I’ll extract all the info you give me about your business, yourself and all your ideas and business dreams that are swirling around in your head to create a harmonious theme for your photoshoot.

I’ll tell you exactly which images you need and what will work best for you and your business. We will talk about all the ways you plan to market, and possibly even ways you haven’t thought about yet.

We will decide on where to photograph which scene and together we’ll think out and plan what you should wear and which accessories and props you should bring along.


And now it's up to you to let yourself and your business shine!

This is the real deal - the real you… You are the star of the show! You are your client's hero.
Cause, just in case you are still a little hesitant about being visible and showing your true self - which by the way is totally normal and relatable - you must know this:

Your clients and customers want to get to know YOU.

The real you!

So that they can fall in love with you and want to do business with you.

And because we will get to know each other really well beforehand, it will be easy and fun to capture the real you, I promise!

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Yoga Photoshoot location ideas

What they're saying

What they're saying


Karin truly takes away any fear of having your photos taken with her welcoming and cheerful manner. The extensive preparation beforehand was really helpful in knowing what to wear and which props I had to pack for my shoot so that my photos would fit in with my branding. Karin also had a lot of great ideas for different scenes and sets that I wouldn't necessarily have thought of myself. I'm really excited about the photos, they turned out so beautifully! I especially like that they look so natural and casual. Now I finally have a beautiful selection of photos for my business.

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Work With Me collections

Soul Biz

€ 897
  • includes 1 hour of photo shoot
  • 2 different looks & outfits
  • 1 location
  • 15 photos
  • private online gallery
  • Prep & Design Session
  • Commercial Rights of Use

Magic Biz

€ 1.497
  • includes 2 hours of photo shoot
  • 3-4 different looks & outfits
  • 2 locations
  • 30-40 photos
  • private online gallery
  • Prep & Design Session
  • Photoshoot Magazine
  • Photoshoot Plan
  • Commercial Rights of Use
  • MakeUp & Styling

Net price plus customary sales tax

For On-Location Photo Shoots: travel and accommodation costs not included

What they're saying

What they're saying


I can’t thank Karin enough for the wonderful pictures and the relaxed photoshoot. I love that she calls it “the feel-good photoshoot” because it really is! It's way more relaxed than a photoshoot in a regular studio atmosphere. It was also extremely helpful that Karin showed and mirrored all the poses. That really makes a difference in the pictures and I wasn’t used to being guided and supported like that from other photoshoots I had.

What they're saying

What they're saying


I never enjoyed being photographed, and I wasn't happy with the results either. But my photo shoot with Karin was a very different and special experience. Karin knows how to make any nervousness and insecurities about being photographed disappear. I felt like she really understood my needs and concerns during the preparation process. And the photoshoot felt so joyful, natural and powerful at the same time. Karin's passion is working with the camera. She has a talent for finding the right point of view, conveys playful ease and, as it turned out, creates super beautiful photos in seemingly no time. I am utterly happy with my photos!

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