VIP BEAUTY Portraits

Every woman deserves to have beautiful photos of herself!

Glamour Portrait Women

Pictures that show you from your radiant, most beautiful side. No artificial, over-retouched photos with unnatural make-up & styling. Instead images that show your natural beauty and reveal your inner sparkle.

It is your time to shine!

You may not enjoy being in front of the camera because thus far pictures never reflected the beautiful women that you truly are. Maybe those photos were not flattering or you may even think that you are not photogenic.

All that is gonna change!

Because it's not your job to be photogenic or “good in front of a camera”. It is my job to guide you through the whole photoshoot experience and to take the most beautiful images of yourself that you have ever had.

Because you are so much more than just a woman.

Working with a photographer

You are a daughter, a friend, a partner. Maybe a mother or grandmother, an aunt, a wife, a business owner, an artist, a cook, a yogi, a teacher, a wellness advocate, a technical genius… You might be sensitive, strong, surprising, quiet, loud, creative, sociable, funny, shy, spontaneous, honest, sensual … the List is endless!

You could be any or all of these things and even more!

It’s time to fully embrace all those parts of being you and to let your soul and inner light shine.

Beauty Portrait Woman
Woman Portrait Posing Idea

The VIP beauty photo shoot is a special kind of experience, where you will be able to recognize and feel just how beautiful and worthy you truly are.

I take the stress out of having your photos taken! And I promise you, that my photo shoots are easy and fun and that it’s an experience you will never forget.

Because having authentic and beautiful photos of your true, wonderful self is the ultimate boost for your self-worth and happiness!

Beauty Portraits for the soul!

Having photographed well over 500 women, and having been photographed myself numerous times, I know how strengthening and empowering a photo shoot is - and how much fun it is! And it is my mission to ensure you have fun and that you fully enjoy this unique experience.


What you will experience:

My job is to make sure you feel and look your absolute best!

I want you to feel 100% relaxed, confident and looked after from the moment you contact me to the moment when you receive your beautiful photobox with your heirloom images.

To start off with we will get to know each other during our first online date where we will chat about the ins and outs of the VIP Photosession. We will talk about clothes & props and how to prepare for your big day. That way you know exactly what to bring and what is gonna happen during your special day.

You will also receive my Outfit and Styling Guide that will help you to be best prepared for your photoshoot. And if you still have any questions or concerns, just know that you can contact me any time.

On the day itself we will start with tea or coffee and you will be pampered by my wonderful Hair & MakeUp Stylist who will make you glow and sparkle like a star.

During the photoshoot itself I will guide you and show you exactly how to pose. I will walk you through the whole photo shoot experience to ensure you have a unique, wonderful experience.

Portrait Inspiration Woman
Posing Ideas Photoshoot
Mother Daughter Portrait

The only thing you have to do is to enjoy the experience and to look forward to having the most beautiful photos of yourself that you have ever had!

When is the perfect time for a VIP Portrait Shoot

Beauty Portrait Photoshoot
Photoshoot Outfit Inspiration

Honestly? Right NOW!

Cause lets be honest here for a moment… We aren’t getting any younger and can’t stop time.
The perfect time is also whenever there is something new and exciting happening or changing in your life!

That could be yourself - you might have changed something like your hairstyle or glasses. You might have lost or put on weight, you might have moved house or job. Or you became a mom or grandma or dog or cat mummy. You might have overcome a personal challenge, an illness or just gotten out of a relationship. You might have simply evolved. Or stayed the same.

Or you might just need - and want! - beautiful heirloom images of yourself, just because!
Whatever the reason or occasion, the time is NOW to capture the real, beautiful you.

It is your time to shine!


What they're saying

What they're saying


Every time I have a photoshoot with Karin I am over the moon with happiness and joy! The VIP Beauty Photoshoot made me feel incredibly beautiful and almost a bit like a star. It was a wonderful and very relaxing day and it was so nice being pampered with beautiful MakeUp before being photographed - a truly wonderful unique experience!

What they're saying

What they're saying


What can I say? I usually prefer to be behind the camera and I feel really uncomfortable being photographed myself. But Karin truly has a very special gift! I felt so comfortable and relaxed and loved every moment. And I'm totally in love with my pictures!


What's included in a VIP Beauty photoshoot?

Your Session Fee of € 397 includes:

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Design Date to get to know each other and discuss the hows, what, when and where

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    My Outfit and Styling Guide with tips and inspirations on how to prepare for your VIP day

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Professional Hair & Makeup to make you shine

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Guidance and posing during the shoot so you look your natural best

    - any hesitation or uncertainty of being photographed will disappear as soon as you are in front of my camera, I promise!

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Multiple outfit changes

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Various SetUps and different Backgrounds

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    Yummy Snacks and Beverages

  • Arrow-Triange-Equal

    InPerson, same day selection of your favourite images including video presentation during which you decide which photo collection and how many images you would like to purchase.

    You only buy what you love. Digital Photo collections start at € 997, Heirloom Photo Boxes at € 1.197

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