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Hi there I'm Karin.

I am a Portrait Photographer based in the Austrian wine country near Vienna, a mindset mentor and author.

One thing I simply cannot live without are books, am a Foodlover, Happy Wife, Proud Dog Mum and Hazelnut-Crumble Salted Caramel Praline Lover and Disliker of Brown Bananas, Peppers and Dishonest People.

It feels like I’ve been photographing since forever and I am a professional Photographer since 2013.

I am way more than just a photographer.

Portrait Photographer for Women in Europe

I am a feminist, an advocate for equal rights, an empath, a soul searcher, a light reader.

I am and I love what I do!

There are so many people out there and everyone is different. I wanna show them their own uniqueness, their strength, their weaknesses, their beauty.

My sensitive side is one of my gifts.

It enables me to capture your light. To capture your vibration. And that's why it's way more than just a photograph. Cause what are photographs? Photographs capture light. I love capturing your light and being your guide on letting your true inner light shine.

Portrait Photographer in Austria

My strong side is ambitious & driven

and has a thirst for learning as well as female empowerment and true gender equality for everyone. I have a passion for helping women and entrepreneurs see their own true beauty and awesomeness. I love creating gorgeous portraits with a heartful, authentic connection that give them confidence and self-worth.

Karin Ahamer Photographer for Women
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Let's change the world together,

one awesome woman at a time!

Photoshooting for Women

I’ve loved photography ever since I was a child. Looking through that lens and capturing the world as I see it has always been fascinating to me.

Being able to capture a moment of stillness, to encompass the true presence of a person is something so precious and magical, there are hardly any words for it.

A photo, a real and heartfelt portrait of someone can say it all within a split second. It can tell and show you your own essence, beauty and power.

A true portrait of yourself can make you feel like the most wonderful, confident and valuable person.

I know both sides as a photographer and a woman, and I know how powerful a photograph is.

That's exactly why I love photographing women. I want to show them how beautiful and special they are by giving them the gift of a true portrait.

By capturing their inner light and true beauty and essence so that they can see just how stunning and vibrant they are.

So that they can own and shine their own light and make the world a better, more just place. Cause the world needs more powerful and strong women that are feminine and soft at the same time.

But it wasn't always like that.

Growing up I never really fitted in. I was quiet, introverted and shy and well, kind of boring and invisible. At least that's how I was perceived and saw myself as.

In actual fact I was a highly sensitive and creative child. An analytical bookworm with an inquisitive mind that was full of imagination.

When I was 16 I had a dream. I wanted to be a photographer, photograph people and places, travel the world. But that wasn’t seen as a “proper” job. And I wasn’t strong enough back then to stick with my dream.

So onto the next dream: Interior Designer. I wanted to become a carpenter and then study interior design.

But the carpenters in my family (my dad, grandfather and uncle were all carpenters) laughed at me and told me that I can’t do that because I am a girl and I am not strong enough.

So I skipped that dream as well and went to a “proper school for girls”, a fashion and design school.

After all that, I ended up doing something entirely different for a living. I was a Corporate Marketing Manager for years until I slowly found myself and my passions again.

From my mid twenties onwards I dedicated a lot of my time and energy to self-development, another passion of mine.

When I was a teenager I also toyed with the idea of studying psychology. Guess that’s how I ended up becoming a Mindset Coach in 2018.

Portrait Photographer Karin Ahamer

All that, and also thanks to the wonderful support of my husband - who accepts and embraces me for who I am - I learned to see who I am and what I want.

And now, nearly 20 years

after (temporarily) abandoning my dream
I am a successful photographer.

The older I get, the stronger I get and the more I am able to be the real me. Still, it took me years to embrace my high-sensitivity and empathy as a gift.

Family Photograph Karin Ahamer
Photographer for Entrepreneurs in Vienna, Austria and Europe

Some interesting facts about me

1. Tea or coffee: tea lover

2. Sweet or savory: uh oh both, sometimes at the same time 😉

3. Favourite Vacation Spot: Beach Beach Beach

4. Cats / dogs: cats until I was in my twenties since then dogs

5. Printed paper book or e-reader: real book all the way


  • a

    Yoga pants and a tank

  • b-circle2

    Jeans and a tee

  • c

    A dress & heels



  • a

    Public Speaking

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  • c


  • d



  • a

    Real Housewives

  • b-circle1


  • c

    Harry Potter

  • d

    Greys Anatomy

10. One unknown fact about me: Thus far I have moved 17 times - 5 times during my time in London- Great Britain, twice in San Francisco and 10 times within Austria

11. One of my biggest dreams: Having a house on the beach ...

12. MOST LIKELY TO BE DEVOURED IN A SECOND: Warma lava chocolate cake with sea salt caramel topping and a dash of vanilla ice cream, heavenly , yummyyyyyyyyy

Besides that I am a Happy Wife, Sunseeker, Bookworm, Foodlover, Proud Dog Mum and Hazelnut-Crumble Praline Lover and Disliker of Brown Bananas, Green Peppers and Mean People. As well as a passionate Portrait Photographer for Women and advocate for equal opportunities for everyone.

My timeline

2007 to 2021


met and fell in love with my now husband on July 7th

Couple Photoshoot with Photographer in Vienna, Austria

since then the number 7 is among my favourite numbers


studied photography & marketing in San Francisco

in love with this place!


had my first photography website under kaimages.net (luckily it no longer exists 😉 ), moved back to Vienna


left corporate job as Marketing Manager

what a year


started as a Wedding & Portrait Photographer, spent a month in Australia, got engaged in Dubai

Still one of my all time favourite Beauty Portraits


got married <3

best decision ever


built and moved house, decided to no longer photograph weddings and concentrate solely on Womens Portraits


First double page spread about my photography in a well-known Women's magazine

so proud


Mindset Coach Training


written my book “Glitzerleben”, rebranded my biz to Glitzerleben


rebranded my biz to karinahamer.com, renovated studio in Vienna


growing new roots with an ever stronger focus on female empowerment

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