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I write about Mindset and Self-Love, blog about Branding, Business & Marketing and most of all I enjoy talking about my Portrait Photoshoots.


Do you know that, too? Those nasty thoughts in your head that keep dragging you down? 3 simple tricks for more self-compassion.

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Podcast recommendations from woman to woman

Podcasts – inspirations for the ears and the soul Podcasts have been very popular for a few years now and there are now countless of these audio magazines on all sorts of topics. Many of these podcasts are really great and I now hear a few very different, sometimes business podcasts, sometimes photography podcasts, but…

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To be photographed is something very personal and intimate. If a camera comes up to you unexpectedly, it is sometimes not so pleasant, and maybe not desired. Now I’ve already given you some very simple tips and tricks to get the best out of such situations. Another essential move is the turtle. Um, no not…

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