Word of the year instead of New Year’s resolutions

New year new goals

New Years Resolutions? Yes or no? I love the beginning of a new year. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on the old year, to let go of the old and to welcome the new with joy. But I also love the rough nights around the turn of the year, which I have been…

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In 3 steps to more visibility as a self-employed

Visibility entrepreneur business photos

In 3 steps to more visibility as an entrepreneur Being visible online has now become a must for pretty much every company, as 2020 probably showed us very clearly. But not only for this reason it is more time than ever to bring your own presence to a new level with photos, but also to…

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Make your website sparkle!

Website photoshoot entrepreneur

As a portrait photographer for women, self-employed women and sole proprietorships are particularly close to my heart. Very often these wonderful and creative entrepreneurs in particular do not like to show themselves at the beginning. But how important it is to show yourself and why it is so important for your own website, I talked…

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Realize your goals with your vision board.

Collage mood board vision board

There is probably no other thing that helps you achieve your goals better than visualization. If you have your Wishes, dreams & goals always in front of your eyes, you will be constantly reminded of it. This way you can keep an eye on the big picture and get bogged down less. And that’s exactly…

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33 reasons for your feel-good photo shoot!

Good reasons to book a photo shoot

Some photo shoots have a clear reason. Weddings, christenings, application photos, product photos, advertising photography, press photos, etc. But do you really always need a special occasion to book a photo shoot? Isn’t it mainly about finally having nice photos of yourself? To hold memories for the future? Not always hiding behind the camera but…

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Podcast recommendations from woman to woman

Podcast tips woman

Podcasts – inspirations for the ears and the soul Podcasts have been very popular for a few years now and there are now countless of these audio magazines on all sorts of topics. Many of these podcasts are really great and I now hear a few very different, sometimes business podcasts, sometimes photography podcasts, but…

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To be photographed is something very personal and intimate. If a camera comes up to you unexpectedly, it is sometimes not so pleasant, and maybe not desired. Now I’ve already given you some very simple tips and tricks to get the best out of such situations. Another essential move is the turtle. Um, no not…

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