In 3 steps to more visibility as a self-employed

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In 3 steps to more visibility as an entrepreneur

Being visible online has now become a must for pretty much every company, as 2020 probably showed us very clearly.

But not only for this reason it is more time than ever to bring your own presence to a new level with photos, but also to show who is behind or in front of the company.

Or even start showing photos of yourself at all!

It’s best to start giving your company a face with photos of yourself right now.

But for many entrepreneurs, this is exactly what makes them feel uncomfortable.

Business Portraits - Business Fotos by Karin Ahamer - Fotografin für Frauen

You may also recognize yourself with some of these statements:

I am not a photographer.

I don’t like photos of myself.

I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

I don’t want to be photographed because

Do I really need professional photos, can’t I just take some pictures?

I don’t want to spend any money on that.

. . . . .

So what do you do when you start a new business or want to make your existing company successful and popular?

If you want to show yourself, your service, your products, but this basic fear of visibility is simply there?

Do you know deep down that you should show yourself more as an entrepreneur, but still hide behind everything possible?


Being photographed is something very personal and intimate. Unfortunately, we women have often had bad experiences with our own photos in the course of our lives. Because they do not show us from the best side (there are a few reasons for this, see point 4), we may also have had a negative experience at a photo shoot or with a photographer.

We then often develop blockages or negative attitudes and are reluctant to be photographed. In addition, it is often the case that girls in their environment are often brought up to be good, calm and inconspicuous. Showing YOURSELF is practiced from an early age, so to speak. Visibility is often frowned upon and is perceived as arrogant or felt arrogant.

So it’s no wonder that we women in particular often have a deep-seated issue with having our photos taken. Of course, that doesn’t apply to all women in the world. Fortunately, we are all different and unique.

Nevertheless, I have been able to photograph more than 500 women in the last few years and can say with a clear conscience that 90% of them do not like to be photographed, claiming to be unphotogenic, …


But I can also say from the bottom of my heart that these women and entrepreneurs find it particularly valuable to be able to present beautiful photos of themselves now! They enjoyed the photo shoot and a lot more, they had fun shedding their photo aversion.

How did you do that?

This is how you get authentic business photos – with fun and without being shy

1. Trust & Chemistry:

So that the pictures you would like to have of yourself can be created during the photo shoot, it is essential to consider the following when choosing your photographer:

STYLE: Do you like the photos and would you also like to have such pictures in your portfolio? Does your potential photographer have an extensive portfolio with different people and scenes?

SYMPATHY : Do you like the appearance (website, social media, etc.) of a photographer and is there an opportunity to get to know him or her better to check whether the chemistry between you two is right before booking.

Visibility-self-employed entrepreneur

2. Preparation:

The better you prepare yourself for your photo shoot, the more pleasant it will be and the better the photos can be. The preparation includes:

TIME: Season, stress level, female cycle and possibly also lunar cycle

IDEAS: What do you need which photos for? Which pictures inspire you? Which photos do you like? Do you have examples that you collect as ideas on a vision board or a mood board. Pinterest is particularly suitable for searching or as inspiration!

DRESS: In which clothes do you feel comfortable or which outfits do you wear when you work with customers?

BRANDING: The inclusion of company branding is particularly essential for personal branding photo shoots, business photos or company portraits. Your company colors, your logo, any typical business accessories and other branding details should be included in the photo shoot. This creates a harmonious overall appearance and, above all, a recognition value.

Visibility self-employed photoshoot

A good photographer will accompany and support you personally, especially in the preparation for your photo shoot.

My customers receive, for example, a special preparation magazine with lots of tips on how to best prepare and prepare for the photo shoot. In addition, we will personally discuss the exact process, the various scenes, possible accessories, ideal clothing options and much more in advance.

This not only helps my customers to reduce their nervousness, but also enables me to get in the best possible mood for the photo shoot by preparing poses, scenes and backgrounds, etc. in advance. I also often use a mood board on Pinterest, which I share with my customer to collect ideas and inspiration together.

3. Professionalism:

This includes, among other things, declarations of consent and contracts / agreements that regulate the scope of the photo shoot and the intended use. So you know exactly when and where you and I can legally use the images.

But professionalism also depends on the experience and above all the empathy of the photographer. A photo is a very powerful tool. It can empower us and make us happy to look at it, but a photo that’s not so good can also make us feel ugly.

A good photo is not created simply by pressing a button, there is much more to it. Like, for example, good, flattering light, a pose that suits your type and, above all, a lot of empathy!

From many years of experience with my customers and their stories and experiences, I know that it is sometimes due to the photographer’s lack of empathy that the woman feels unphotogenic or even ugly and therefore no longer likes to be photographed.

This makes me really sad because every woman is unique and beautiful. Every woman deserves to have beautiful photos of yourself.

That is why I have set myself the goal of relieving entrepreneurs and women of this shyness and often also fear of being photographed. That’s why I accompany my customers with a lot of love, heart and empathy from the start and enable them to have a real feel-good photo shoot.

As a self-employed entrepreneur, it is particularly important to me to support individual entrepreneurs in their visibility. To make you more tangible and perceptible for your customers.

Because every entrepreneur benefits from visibility, even if it often takes a bit of effort to show yourself at the beginning, precisely this visibility is one of the essential building blocks for a successful and joyful business!

Hi! I'm Karin

Portrait photographer and mentor for women.


I encourage and guide women to see how beautiful, unique and valuable they are. For more visibility, mindfulness and fullness of life.

Searching for something?

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Are you ready for your own feel-good photoshoot? Or would you like more information or a non-binding meeting?

Then contact me, I'm looking forward to you!

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