Make-up & styling for photo shoots by professionals


AS A WOMAN WHO DOESN’T DO LOTS OF MAKE-UP HERSELF, I KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO HAVE A MAKE-UP ARTIST, WHICH MY CUSTOMERS APPRECIATE THE NATURAL BEAUTY AND UNIQUENESS AS I DO. Because there is hardly anything worse than being completely “styled”. Unfortunately, I have often seen it myself that make-up artists have not…

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Lockdown, corona and photo shoot?

Photo Shoot Lockdown Allowed

Photo shoot during Corona Lockdown? Yes or no? In the last few weeks I have received a number of inquiries as to whether photo shoots are currently allowed and, if so, under what conditions. Therefore, I would like to briefly describe the current situation in this article. Yes, you can have your photo taken! And…

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More color & rays for your business!

Business success

As an entrepreneur and former marketing manager, I know how important a company’s visual appearance – personal branding – is. When it comes to branding, one often thinks first of all – sometimes only – of the logo. But how many other components there are for an authentic business appearance and what a big role…

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33 reasons to book a photo shoot now

Good reasons to book a photo shoot

Some photo shoots have a clear reason. Weddings, christenings, application photos, product photos, advertising photography, press photos, etc. But do you really always need a special occasion to book a photo shoot? Isn’t it mainly about finally having nice photos of yourself? To hold memories for the future? Not always hiding behind the camera but…

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Dissatisfied with your own body and appearance

Discover your most beautiful you too! Do you feel the same sometimes? That you just can’t stand each other You don’t like the sight of you, you find all other women a thousand times more beautiful than yourself? Yourself, your body, your appearance don’t really like. Or not like it as much as it would…

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