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As an entrepreneur and former marketing manager, I know how important a company’s visual appearance – personal branding – is.

When it comes to branding, one often thinks first of all – sometimes only – of the logo. But how many other components there are for an authentic business appearance and what a big role colors play in this, I talked to dear Sophie from Sophie’s Logomanufaktur:

Personal branding business photos

Dear Sophie, please introduce yourself and tell us who you are and what you offer:

Hi! I’m Sophie, a logo designer and color expert. With a custom-made design and coordinated colors, I will help you to become visible in an authentic way and to make your business shine.

I design tailor-made, unique company logos for online business ladies who finally want a branding that really suits them and attracts the customers they want.

Personal branding photo shoot Vienna

And who is your target group?

My target group are women who want to show themselves to the (online) business world for who they really are.

Business photos for women entrepreneurs

What is your goal or mission as an entrepreneur?

Why do I do what I do? Because I love To live creativity and to help people build their heart’s business authentically visible close.

But what I am most happy about is when, after working with them, my customers “go out into the world” with their new company logos and colors and proudly show themselves and their business with branding, because they know that it suits you 100%.

Women are very important to me on their way to success to support. With logo, colors and everything that goes with branding, I help you to show yourself to the business world as you are – authentic and real!

Personal branding photos Vienna

Tell us a little bit about your branding:

As a brand designer, my own branding is of course particularly important to me. On the one hand, I work with a perfectly fitting color combination that runs through both my website and my social media channels.

The imagery also plays a central role for me, of course. The special details on my website are part of my branding and result in an individual overall picture.

Branding photo shoot Vienna

How was your personal branding photo shoot experience?

It was wonderful! I felt so comfortable and loved using the photos. Whether for the website, for social media or my entire business.

And finally, ONE TIP that you would give to other entrepreneurs who also want to have photos taken for their business:

Do it! Your future self will thank you. With a series of good, authentic photos of yourself, you will also do your entire marketing easier.

It also makes a completely different and much more professional overall picture with photos that show you for who you are. No matter how good you can be or have such a great offer, if your overall appearance is not consistent and does not convey what you stand for, it will not bring you much.

Both modern web design and social media live from photos. With good photos of yourself you fill your online presence with life. But it’s also just really fun!


Here you can find dear Sophie:

Thank you for the inspiring conversation with you dear Sophie!

Colors play a central role in your overall appearance. I have often had the wonderful support of Sophie with my own branding, the selection of my colors and my logo.

I also love Sophie’s approach to color as it is essential to a company’s personal branding.

Be it the color of your font, your logo, your imagery. Colors are imprinted, arouse emotions and are positively remembered. When you finally want to know which color really suits you, sign up for Sophie’s free masterclass:

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The photo shoot with Sophie was not only fun, it is always a very special pleasure for me when I am allowed to help independent women present themselves and their business online in such a way that they feel comfortable. And show their true personality and strengths in the photos.

Let’s chat about your own personal branding photo shoot without obligation! I would be happy to support you in taking your business to the next level with authentic images.

I’m looking forward to it.

Hi! I'm Karin

Portrait photographer and mentor for women.


I encourage and guide women to see how beautiful, unique and valuable they are. For more visibility, mindfulness and fullness of life.

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