Make-up & styling for photo shoots by professionals


AS A WOMAN WHO DOESN’T DO LOTS OF MAKE-UP HERSELF, I KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO HAVE A MAKE-UP ARTIST, WHICH MY CUSTOMERS APPRECIATE THE NATURAL BEAUTY AND UNIQUENESS AS I DO. Because there is hardly anything worse than being completely “styled”. Unfortunately, I have often seen it myself that make-up artists have not…

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Lockdown, corona and photo shoot?

Photo Shoot Lockdown Allowed

Photo shoot during Corona Lockdown? Yes or no? In the last few weeks I have received a number of inquiries as to whether photo shoots are currently allowed and, if so, under what conditions. Therefore, I would like to briefly describe the current situation in this article. Yes, you can have your photo taken! And…

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More color & rays for your business!

Business success

As an entrepreneur and former marketing manager, I know how important a company’s visual appearance – personal branding – is. When it comes to branding, one often thinks first of all – sometimes only – of the logo. But how many other components there are for an authentic business appearance and what a big role…

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