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OFFLINE? Learnings & tips for stress-free social media consumption

I love my smartphone and I don’t even go for a walk without it. After all, it counts my steps, someone could call or Cookie could do something funny that I want to take a picture of, etc.

But I also find it stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming to be available anytime and anywhere.

Social media and smart phones – a blessing and a curse at the same time

Restrict cell phone use

On average, we spend 3 hours a day with our cell phone. 3 HOURS! No wonder I don’t have time for fitness or anything else, right? It is always a perfect excuse ????

But we could very well use these 3 hours for many valuable things. Spending time with loved ones, more time for hobbies or more time for ourselves.

It is precisely for this reason that I always allow myself a social media or mobile phone break.

The longest so far was from December 1, 2020 to January 10, 2021 and this time I also kept a diary and noted my thoughts.

Well, and I find it so interesting and meaningful that I just want to share it with you.

I have also included my greatest learnings and best tips for you, which I also apply myself.

dangerous mobile phone use

But now first to my diary entries. Maybe some of my thoughts are familiar to you:

December 1: The time has come, I’m sooooooo happy … but unfortunately it won’t work without emails, at least not until December 20th when my last photo shoot is.

2. December: Oh dear … had a sleepless night, from excitement or was it the full moon ???? but no matter how it is, now everyone is logged out and the apps are deleted from the cell phone. There comes a bit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) feeling ???? phew deleting the app is more difficult than you thought, should I quickly answer and comment everywhere? No end now!

December 4th: Wow, I’m KO, dusty, done, done. The renovations in the studio are really exhausting … At the moment I don’t miss social media because I work in the studio every day … let’s see how it will be next week.

12th of December: After a strenuous week of studio renovations, but also a great online retreat with my business coach, I took the weekend off.

Saturday, 3 p.m. and it begins: As soon as I have the cell phone in hand, I want to check FB & IG, want to know what’s new, whether who has written what, whether I have new likes … hey hey?!? So get rid of the cell phone, don’t put it on the table in front of me but out of my arm’s length range ????

19:42 and again and again I want to pick up my cell phone and see what’s going on in the world. Got the feeling that I was not invited to the party or that I am not allowed to participate in the action. What? In the meantime I am looking forward to this break…. mmmmhhhhhh

13th December: In the morning, Pick up the cell phone, let’s see what happened overnight. Oh, it doesn’t work. Somehow disappointed, but also relieved. Cell phone is put down and dozed for a few more minutes. I’m so busy during the day that I don’t even think about it.

In the afternoon such a beautiful sunset while walking. Oh, that’s nice, that would make a great story. But hey, I’m offline! So, take a photo for me privately and then the phone stays in my pocket again.

December 14th: Yikes, oh no, I forgot to update the header with Christmas greetings on my private Facebook profile. I have to do that, right? But, if I go in there now, I just can’t answer the comments. That would be totally rude, wouldn’t it? So do I better leave it? But then the header with the old appointments is online all the time, … no matter what!

December 18th: Phew, how do I bridge the delay and waiting time until my girlfriend finally comes? I could write a great story or a post,… do I surf the net? Or do I have to buy something online for Christmas? It’s unbelievable that we don’t know what to do without a mobile phone and social media …

19. December: Grrr, I want to see what’s going on … I have FOMO and also want to use the cell phone as a distraction against boredom and frustration. I wanted the social media break! Hey What’s going on there? Can I put it on PMS? ????

since 20thDecember now completely PC free. Oh, feels good, but also a bit awkward, because I should write a private e-mail. But my husband can write that too ????

December 24th: So now that I’ve just put my relationship with my cell phone on hold, I notice how often my loved ones are on the cell phone and check FB & Co. And how rude that is! How it distracts from the here and now and pulls the other person away from you, interrupts the conversation or does not allow it to take place at all, … a frightening realization somehow, …

25 December: Huh, the fear of “having to” be online again in two weeks is coming up and doesn’t feel good. Many of my friends are not on FB & IG at all and live too ???? Can I turn it off completely?

But can a company do without social media?

December 31: The urge to pick up the cell phone is stronger today. I would love to send everyone a New Year’s message … Yes, I already have that with my Christmas message … so, I’ll chill again and put it aside, wonderful!

4th January: I kind of have a new relationship with my phone. A looser one, without pressure. It’s good to have no social media apps and emails on your mobile phone.

January 11th : First official day back. Still no e-mails on the cell phone but IG reinstalled and made the first story. Only looked in once in the afternoon. I am proud of myself!

Well, for me it is clear that mobile phone use and social media are or can be an absolutely valuable contribution to our society. But that it also has great potential for addiction.

My greatest learning: That offline times are really – actually really – good and necessary!

I will definitely continue to treat myself to regular offline times and generally be more cautious when consuming online and social media.

And these things have helped me to be more mindful and aware of cell phone use and social media:

  1. Feed Eradicator App
  2. Social media apps are not on the start page on the mobile phone, but “hide”, eg on the last page on the mobile phone or in a folder
  3. Turn off notifications
  4. Only be in groups / forums etc. that are good for me / where I have positive added value
  5. Clearing out friend lists, pages, etc.
  6. Set specific times and limits
  7. Practice mindfulness

And now I’m being honest again:

I also don’t manage to stick to it every day, but get lost in the news feed and get from the 100th to the 1000th.

But just being aware of it helps a lot. And reminders that you actually want to spend less time on your mobile phone or on social media!

social media offline

Use these reminders actively and regularly:

  1. Electronic reminder on the laptop or yes, also on the mobile phone
  2. An entry in your manual calendar.
  3. Post Its and reminder notes in prominent places in your house, e.g. mirror, refrigerator, post box etc.

And hey, why not change the password on the laptop or on social media platforms accordingly and include a mindfulness reminder here?!

The more you become aware of yourself or you specifically visit less or only certain platforms / groups / forums etc., the more and the faster your desire to be more offline will also pass into your subconscious!

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