Word of the year instead of New Year’s resolutions

New year new goals

New Years Resolutions? Yes or no? I love the beginning of a new year. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on the old year, to let go of the old and to welcome the new with joy. But I also love the rough nights around the turn of the year, which I have been…

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Offline! Enjoy time without cell phone & social media

cellphone-free time

OFFLINE? Learnings & tips for stress-free social media consumption I love my smartphone and I don’t even go for a walk without it. After all, it counts my steps, someone could call or Cookie could do something funny that I want to take a picture of, etc. But I also find it stressful, overwhelming and…

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Goodbye to boredom and stress

Phew, what a time! Isolation, short-time work, insecurities, home office & homeschooling … I have summarized some tips against boredom and camp fever, but also help with stress and frustration.

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* Realize your goals with your vision board.

Collage mood board vision board

There is probably no other thing that helps you achieve your goals better than visualization.

If you have your Wishes, dreams & goals always in front of your eyes, you will be constantly reminded of it. This way you can keep an eye on the big picture and get bogged down less.

And that’s exactly why a vision board (also called target collage or dream collage) is simply brilliant.

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Do you know that, too? Those nasty thoughts in your head that keep dragging you down? 3 simple tricks for more self-compassion.

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