* Realize your goals with your vision board.

Collage mood board vision board

There is probably no other thing that helps you achieve your goals better than visualization.

If you have your Wishes, dreams & goals always in front of your eyes, you will be constantly reminded of it. This way you can keep an eye on the big picture and get bogged down less.

And that’s exactly what a Vision board (also Target collage or Dream collage called) simply awesome!

It is one Collage of pictures, keywords and affirmations all about your own goals, which should help you and motivate you to achieve them.

Do you already have a vision board?

Then maybe now is the perfect opportunity to revise or add to it. Because goals and dreams (change) change and develop further.

Or you start from scratch!

No matter where you are, here are mine Top 3 tips and tricks how you can easily create your own vision board.

Before we start, you need a few more things:

Why vision board
  • Notebook and pen
  • Old magazines and periodicals, scissors and glue, colored pencils and a blank sheet of paper (A3 or larger)
  • A place where you have an hour to be creative.


Take your notebook, a pen and sit down on your creative space with your favorite drink:


What are you dreaming of What would you like to have in life? What do you want to achieve?

A house by the sea? € 100,000 on the account? 2 children? Run a marathon? To be 100 years old? Be the No. 1 blog in your area in Europe? An award to win for your designs? One Product launch with € 10,000 sales?

Whatever it is, take a seat, take 3 deep breaths in and out and visualize your life and your future (private and professional) with all the details and facets.

Write down everything you can think of. Don’t think too much about it, just let your intuition and gut feeling speak and write everything down in your notebook.

When you are done dreaming, ask yourself the question, what is it that motivates you:


What is your inner conviction, what do you believe in, what drives you, which values are important to you?

Write down everything you can think of. Here you can also write down your favorite quotes or sayings.


If you find it difficult to write down your wishes & dreams, your values, your beliefs …

You just can’t think of anything, then start right away with step 3 and let yourself be inspired and guided directly by the articles in the magazines.



Now create your vision board from your notes and ideas.

Pick up your stack of magazines and periodicals, scissors and glue, colored pencils, and the blank sheet of paper. Now cut out all the pictures, texts, words that inspire you, that visually represent your dream life, and use them to create a visual montage of your wishes for your future, your goals.

You can also make several vision boards, e.g. one for you privately, for you & your family – relationships, one for your company, etc.

Let your intuition and gut feeling run free and don’t question your wishes. Give your subconscious the space it needs and let it speak visually.


If you’d rather make your collage electronically, just create Pinterest your own Vision board . The inspirations on Pinterest are almost endless and you will definitely find something there. And, of course, you can also save your own photos on your pin board!

Personally, I always have to set myself a timer, otherwise I could lose myself for hours in the incredibly creative and inspiring world of Pinterest …

No matter which path is ideal for you, whether paper collage or online vision board, indulge your creativity and have fun!

And maybe you like your new vision board, too Courage Add? What exactly that is and how you find your courage, you can read up HERE.

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