Find courage and stop negative thoughts!

why negative thoughts

Who doesn’t know… these inner self-doubts that criticize our ideas, goals, desires, our appearance, our character far too often. “You can’t do that.”, “You can’t do that anyway.”, “You are much too small / tall / fat / thin / old / young.” And so on and so forth.

These nasty thoughts that circling tirelessly and often persistently in your head and thus really block us, can be very frustrating and discouraging.

Ignoring these negative beliefs is usually not very successful, because sooner or later these malicious thoughts keep popping up. It often seems as if we are completely exposed to our own negative feelings and opinions. What often has the consequence that these blocking thoughts trick us and prevent us from enjoying our life to the fullest.

Finding words and visualizing them

If you have the Belief Exercise already done, then this exercise will be a little easier for you.

A word of courage is a word, or words and quotations, which, as the term suggests, give you courage. That encourage and remind you to keep an eye on your goals and desires. Inspire you to stay tuned, think and act positively.

How do you find your courage now?

Just ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers on a piece of paper, your mobile phone, etc .:

  • What is preventing you from living your dreams & desires?
  • Where are your biggest blockages?
  • Which of your supposed “weaknesses” prevent you from being brave?
  • In which situations do you most doubt yourself?

When you have noted everything that comes to mind, take a closer look at your answers:

  • Are there any parallels?
  • Are there certain or similar situations in which you question yourself or hold back?
  • Circumstances & circumstances where the same uncertainty is behind it?

And then think about what words of encouragement could be for these situations, moments and circumstances that inspire you, cheer you on and give you, well, COURAGE?

Some examples:

  • Are you rather impatient and often rush something without really thinking it through to the end? Then could “Patience” be your courage.
  • Do you have tons of good ideas and projects that you would like to do all at once? Then you might be missing the focus a little and thus would be “Focus” or “Priorities” good courtesies for you.
  • If you’re afraid or in doubt about not being able to do something, or just not being good enough, how about “Courage” or “Trust” .
  • Do you find very little time for yourself, hardly take breaks and everything else is always more important than you? How about “Mindfulness” or “Recreation” , “Fun” , “Relaxation” or similar encouragement words that remind you to think about yourself and do something good for yourself.

Extra tip:

You can of course have several admonitions. But I would limit it to a maximum of 3. That brings us back to the word of courage “Focus” and “Priorities” .

It’s also great when you have an inspiring quote that really supports your courage.

Visualize your admonitions

Your words of encouragement can only really support and motivate you if you really internalize them. It’s easy to do if you see these words and your quote in front of you a lot.

  • For example, you can have a beautiful collage created. And your words in your Vision board build in!
  • How about a new Screensaver for the mobile phone or the laptop?
  • The courage words are also great as a new one password for the laptop. So you will be reminded of your courage words every time you log in. And practice makes perfect, as is well known.

Or you just do it like me. I have my words of courage as a screensaver on my cell phone and laptop, I have the words and quotes on my vision board (which is also hanging in my office, where I see it every day) and also use the words (among other things) in my passwords.

Free Encouragement Collages for you!

To make things a little easier for you, I have created a few Encouragement Screensavers for your cell phone and laptop. You can download them HERE. And get a few ideas for your own courage at the same time!

I wish you a lot of courage, joy & creativity in creating your courage words!

All the best,

your Karin

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