Goodbye to boredom and stress


Phew, what a year this 2020!

And somehow we don’t take a break … now we’re already in the 2nd lockdown at home, so at least most of us.

Some of us now have more time, but some of us have a lot less because of homeschooling or other obligations.

How are you personally with it? Do you have a lot of time on hand right now or are you busier than before, when everything was still “normal”?

Wherever you are, I hope you are fine and you manage to be and stay positive.

I am convinced that there is everything in life is a give and take.

Working together is much stronger than against one another, because we are strong on our own, but together we are unbeatable!


This blog post was born out of these thoughts. Because I have been able to experience and learn so many good things in recent years. I have many things Rituals and tips I got to know and tried out, which have helped me incredibly in my further development and a positive mindset build up.

And above all, I was able to get to know many inspiring people from different areas:

From bloggers and sole proprietorships, from business coaches to mental trainers and transformation coaches.

All this, these tips and inspirations and wonderful entrepreneurs, I would like to share with you, especially in these times when we can all need support.

I am very happy if there is one or the other tip / suggestion for you!

All of this information is based on my own personal experience and appreciation, it is not paid advertising!

Mady Morrison Yoga: I love this one Morning routine
QiGong to join in YouTube
Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube

My own productivity coach whose support is worth gold:

More valuable tips (and partly also freebies) for self-employed:

Helpful freebies for your brand:
Instagram & Online Business Coaching:
Write your own book with your BuchCoach:
Convincing websites for ambitious women:
Bring your business to shine with the right colors and your perfect logo:
Concept. Graphics. Design:

Let go of fears with EFT tapping

EFT with Brad Yates:

My free gratitude challenge:

SinnKraft psychological counseling & coaching for women:

Psycho-social counseling Petra Steiner:

Family & Business Coaching Linda Syllaba:

Dipl. Psychologist & sex counselor Nicole Siller:

Das GLÜCKSWERK, psychological advice, training, coaching e. U. Stefan Habersatter: 0677 620 837 11, stefan.habersatter@glü

Some have more time now, some much less thanks to the kids at home. Since we have no children, I cannot personally give any tips on this. But I have some wonderful bloggers and customers in my network who are just the right people for this.

Corona from your child’s point of view, story to finish writing for children:

The informative mom blog:

Inspirations & tips from a 2-time mom:

Your family blog from Austria:

Mindful. Smart. Parenthood:

Biolino Expert Talk:

Craft fun for at home:

Cooking from stock with Maren:

Sugar-free through life:

Delicious baking & cooking with Michaela from LittleBee:

Simply eat – easier life with Claudia:

My highlights to find your own center and strengthen your mindset:

Wild flowers – your online home to feel good and subscription to bloom:

The holistic magazine for the new world:

Wonderful incense, guided meditations and transformation work:

Relaxing meditations & energy work:

Living naturally with essential oils:

My free gratitude challenge:

My book for more joie de vivre & satisfaction:

Abundance of life – the online course for more ease & joie de vivre:

A few of my very favorite shops that also take orders online:

Living. Give. Life.

Jewelry from nature:

Ines Hofbaur – gift stones:

Your online shop for party decorations:

… and many many other local shops can be found on the great site of Nunu Kaller:

Do you have any tips and recommendations that you would like to share? Then write to me and I’ll add them to the list, which I’ll be constantly expanding ????

In any case, I wish you all the best, lots of immune power, mental strength and stamina!

All the best, Karin

Hi! I'm Karin

Portrait photographer and mentor for women.


I encourage and guide women to see how beautiful, unique and valuable they are. For more visibility, mindfulness and fullness of life.

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