Dissatisfied with your own body and appearance


Discover your most beautiful you too!

Do you feel the same sometimes? That you just can’t stand each other You don’t like the sight of you, you find all other women a thousand times more beautiful than yourself?

Yourself, your body, your appearance don’t really like. Or not like it as much as it would be good for you?

So sometimes I still feel like this …

We are often like by external impressions Media and advertising influenced far too much on all levels of our being. And then believe that we are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not lovable enough.

Because too big, too small, too fat, too thin, too old, too young, too much this or too little that.

It is often very difficult to defend yourself against these external influences and to be able to withstand them. I know that from myself only too well and see this self-doubt, this quarrel almost every day around me, at my work, among friends. Often times, there is a long road that we as women go through before we get ours own value, beauty and uniqueness recognize and actually be able to perceive.

And much more, to be able to accept this and learn to love.

I would like to accompany you a little on this path.

And show you figuratively how I see you. And how the world sees you So that you too can see, recognize and feel how unique and valuable you are!

Just like these beautiful and fabulous REAL WOMEN, who have already dared to look in front of my lens, prove with wonderful before & after photos – you are beautiful the way you are .

Let me show you the most beautiful you!

Pictures capture you and your emotions and are therefore very personal. They show your most intimate and vulnerable sides. Maybe that’s why it is so difficult for us women to get involved in a photo shoot.

That’s why it’s particularly important to me that we chat, get to know each other and before the shoot Plan your wellness day together . The better we know each other, the faster you lose your fear of the camera. Your nervousness or fear will be blown away, so that you will enjoy your photo shoot in a relaxed and fun way.

And with a result that will more than inspire you, I promise!

Hi! I'm Karin

Portrait photographer and mentor for women.


I encourage and guide women to see how beautiful, unique and valuable they are. For more visibility, mindfulness and fullness of life.

Searching for something?

Interested Need more info?

Are you ready for your own feel-good photoshoot? Or would you like more information or a non-binding meeting?

Then contact me, I'm looking forward to you!

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