33 reasons for your feel-good photo shoot!

Good reasons to book a photo shoot

Some photo shoots have a clear reason. Weddings, christenings, application photos, product photos, advertising photography, press photos, etc.

But do you really always need a special occasion to book a photo shoot?

Isn’t it mainly about finally having nice photos of yourself?

To hold memories for the future? Not always hiding behind the camera but also being in the photos yourself?

The VIP feel-good photo shoot is about so much more than just taking a quick photo.

It’s about you, to do something good for yourself, to give yourself and your loved ones a gift. The gift of everlasting memory and visibility.

And that’s really reason enough to do and book a photo shoot, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, I have put together 33 good reasons for you to book a photo shoot:

Why photo shoot? 33 reasons for portrait photos

Mindfulness – Give yourself a whole day of mindfulness and time for yourself.

AGE – It’s just like that, we’re all getting older, and that’s also a nice thing. It is all the more valuable to create memories right now that you can look back on later with love and joy. And so that you stay young forever!

TIME OUT – Treat yourself to a break from everyday life where you can be yourself again. Get out of everyday life and into a special experience!

DISCRETION – Your pictures will only be published if you give me your consent.

REAL – No Photoshop – we don’t need that. Your photos will be corrected but not over-retouched.

SENSITIVE – I am a sensitive, empathetic person and know how important empathy is when being photographed.

EXPERIENCE – I’ve been allowed to photograph more than 500 women.

MEMORIES – For you, for your loved ones, for the future, forever. Everyone knows these pictures that you discover when you dig up old photo albums. Without these old pictures, many memories would fade and be lost. They remind us of the beautiful experiences in our life and of everything that should never be forgotten. And that is exactly what makes them priceless!

EXPERIENCE – A VIP feel-good photo shoot day is a wonderful experience and balm for the soul.

JOY – The feel-good photo shoot is a unique, wonderful experience in which feelings and emotions play a role that we otherwise often pay too little attention to in everyday life. Joy, fun and pure wellbeing are preprogrammed!

TO YOU – Because you deserve to have beautiful photos of yourself. Because it’s your time to shine!

FRIENDSHIP – Being photographed is something very intimate, so I’m always on a friendly basis with my customers.

GIFT – A photo shoot is one of the best gifts because it never loses value! A photo shoot captures a certain phase of life that everyone experiences only once, which we can freeze with photos and thus keep forever as a memory. For yourself, for your loved ones.

KARIN – Because I know exactly how hard it is to like yourself as a woman is. And just love it when women finally recognize in their photos how beautiful and valuable they are.

COMPETENTLY – I master my camera and my poses in my sleep.

CREATIVE – Let’s implement your ideas together, I love to be creative and try new things.

EASE – I will accompany and support you from the beginning through the photo shoot experience.

PASSION – I am a photographer of and for women with body and soul.

LEARN – You will learn some tricks with which you can show yourself from your best side even in private photos.

ADDED VALUE – Time for yourself to learn to love yourself and have great photos that you will love.

NATURALNESS – A photo shoot is often associated with unnatural, posed poses and completely over-touched pictures. In my photo shoots, the focus is on naturalness. This starts with a type-appropriate, natural make-up, guided however your nature appropriate poses up to the reduced image processing. You will be photographed as you are!

PROFESSIONALISM – Is very important to me and I only work with qualified, professional partners myself.

SHY – Photos have a huge impact on our confidence. A nice photo increases our self-esteem, a not so good photo makes us sad. Therefore, women often shy away from having photos taken. A photo shoot will give such a big boost that you will quickly leave behind any fear of being photographed, I promise.

BEAUTY – Every woman is beautiful, unique and valuable. It is time for every woman to realize this! At the VIP photo shoot I will help you to see your beauty and to capture it in pictures.

SELF LOVE – Learn to love yourself, even with your supposed flaws and mistakes.

SELF-CONFIDENCE – The photo shoot will give you a self-worth boost, which you always carry with you in the form of your photos.

FUN – Even if you are a little nervous beforehand, this nervousness will quickly evaporate and you will notice how much fun it can be to stand in front of the camera, because the photo shoot will definitely not be boring!

MIRROR IMAGE – At the photo shoot I am your reflection and show you exactly how you should move.

UNPHOTOGENIC – Doesn’t exist! With a few simple tips, every woman is photogenic.

TRUST – No wonderful photos can be created without mutual trust. That’s why it’s very important to me to get to know each other personally before each photo shoot.

PREPARATION – You will receive a lot of information and tips to prepare for the photo shoot, including tips on choosing clothes.

WELL-BEING FACTOR – My studios are all with a living room atmosphere, because you should feel 100% comfortable.

PRECIOUS – You are valuable, and so should your photos be. That’s why I have wonderful, exclusive photo boxes and photo albums.

Hi! I'm Karin

Portrait photographer and mentor for women.


I encourage and guide women to see how beautiful, unique and valuable they are. For more visibility, mindfulness and fullness of life.

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