Elderflower vinegar

Elderflower recipe

You’ve probably spotted him while out for a walk, haven’t you?

Beautifully blooming and fragrant elder bush.

Elderberry spring

I myself love the smell of elderberry, but personally I’m not a huge fan of elderberry juice or syrups in general. I am more the still water & herbal tea drinker.

However, I like to make the elderflower syrup myself, but then nobody drinks it at home …

Last year I stumbled across elderflower vinegar by chance and immediately tried it out myself and fell completely in love.

It tastes best with white balsamic vinegar. This is already a bit sweeter by default and the elder flowers give the whole thing a really fine, round taste

The elderflower vinegar is not only great for summer salads, also a hit in winter, but is also a wonderfully refreshing drink in summer.

Especially if, like me, you can no longer see Hugo or just want to be anti-alcoholic on the go.

A small shot of elderberry vinegar, ice cubes, mineral water in a nice glass, e voila. The perfect summer drink is ready.

Elderflower recipes

Possibly also refined with a little lemon or a slice of orange, leeeecker!

And if you want it a little sweeter, so you are not that sour, then add a little dash of honey or a little sugar.

In the summer, my photo shoot customers are also pampered with this refreshment during the feel-good photo shoot.

You are always welcome too! If you also like to have beautiful photos of yourself or want to learn to overcome your photo aversion, let me know and we will just make one non-binding meeting out.

I’m happy for you!

Ah yes, there was something else. Now I almost forgot to write down the recipe for the elderflower vinegar for you:

Elderflower vinegar

Step 1: collect elderberry flowers

Make sure to collect really beautiful and lice-free flowers. The flowers are best when they are still full of pollen. You can tell by the fact that they are slightly yellow.

Step 2: clean the flowers

Do not wash! Otherwise you wash off all the delicious dust. But it is precisely the pollen that gives the vinegar its good taste. Just cut off the main stem and clean the flowers of any bugs, etc., if any are hidden.

Step 3: Mix flowers with vinegar

Puts the flowers in a large vessel that can also be closed. Pour the vinegar over it, stir once so that all the flowers are covered and close with the lid.

Regarding quantity: I use about 1 dozen flowers for a 0.75 bottle of vinegar.

Step 4: let it sit

Place the closed vessel on a light, but not too warm place and let it steep for approx. 48 – 72 hours. Possibly stir once a day and make sure that all flowers are covered by the vinegar.

TIP: If you want the taste to be more intense, you can let the vinegar steep longer. For me it was a little too little intense this year with just under 48 hours. However, more than 5 days is too much, at least for my taste.

Step 5: strain & enjoy

After 2 – 3 days, simply strain the vinegar and fill it into bottles, done! Then simply put the flowers in the organic waste.

Enjoy your meal!

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