Summer heat: tips for cooling off

Record summer cooling off


Sunshine, warm temperatures, mild evenings.

But when it’s hot for days, and for me that’s already the case from 30 degrees, then I really need to cool down.


Because then it is often very hot, especially when working. We don’t have air conditioning in our home office and so my self-made air conditioning system often has to be used.


For this I use one of my favorite essential oils, peppermint oil. Namely as:

1. eco-friendly “air conditioning”
2. refreshing drinking water
3. mobile cooler


How exactly I cool myself with it and how I use it, I’ll explain to you in this blog post.


Record temperature-summer heat-hot

With just one essential oil you can cool down 3x.

How is that supposed to work? Very easy!

As you may have noticed, I’m a total essential oil fan. And there are really some magic remedies that can help against the heat.

And here are my 3 top tips & recipes against the heatwave:

1. Eco-friendly “air conditioning”

Ok, it’s not a classic air conditioner as you might imagine it now. But it is also much cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. You only need a nebulizer (essential oil diffuser) and a good, all-natural essential peppermint oil.

Set up the nebulizer in the room, fill it with water and add 3-5 drops of real peppermint oil. Turn on the nebulizer and you will soon feel the cooling effect!

2. Mobile, environmentally friendly cooler

Simply take an empty spray bottle, add a pinch of salt and then, depending on the size of your bottle, between 5 & 30 drops of peppermint oil. Then you fill the bottle with water.

Shake, spray on your body and enjoy the cool down!

Extra tip: I have a small bottle that I have with me when I’m out and a large bottle to take home.

3. Cooling drinking water

If you have a little more experience with essential oils, you can also get the cooling inside by adding a drop or two of peppermint essential oil to your water as well. A good dosage is about 1 – 2 drops in 1 liter of water.

It is important that you only use 100% natural, real essential oils, nothing synthetic and artificial, but a purely natural product.

You can recognize this by the fact that the Latin name is also given, as well as a separate batch number.

The great thing about this peppermint water is that you can drink it at room temperature, so you don’t need ice cubes. Because at such hot temperatures it is better not to drink too cold anyway.

While it feels super cooling at first, it’s actually almost counterproductive. Because after the ingestion of really cold liquids, our body begins to compensate for the resulting cold in the organism.

The energy used for this warms the body and thus reverses the effect of cooling – and you only start to sweat again.

Hence the extra tip: In the summer heat drink drinks at room temperature instead of ice cold.

And another extra tip: You can also make yourself a delicious and cooling summer drink with cold mint tea!

For this I just let the mint tea cool a little longer so that it becomes really nice and intense. Let it cool down and, depending on your taste, refine it with a little lemon juice or a dash of elderberry juice, and enjoy.

I am happy if my tips bring you some cooling and I wish you a wonderful, sunny summer with many, many beautiful moments and experiences!

All the best, yours Karin

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